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Native Bird Connections

Respect, Reverence & Responsibility for the Natural World 

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We are a not-for-profit 501-(c)(3) professional consulting and educational organization.

Native Bird Connections became a reality in the year 2000 in response to a growing need for wholesome and real nature education.

We are a group of educators who work with Live wild birds while sharing educational messages with groups of all ages. Native Bird Connections maintains a daily commitment to three goals:

Diana w hawk
For animals and people,accepting them for who the are, not who we wish them to be
Photograph ©Paul Schorr
heller and Snowyowl
Accept personal responsibility
as well as responsibility for the lives of our wild partners.
We are thankful for the people and animals that influence our ability to continue providing unparallel nature experiences
Jenny Papka
Photograph ©Jim Freschi


Native Bird Connections is privileged to share our educational endeavors with wild birds as our partners. Our birds are the victims of permanent physical or psychological damage rendering
them unable to survive in the wild.

We have asked them to accept captivity within a realm of respect and trust, acknowledging fully their loss of a wild life while challenging them to an active role in captivity as ambassadors and teachers.

Katie w Barn Owl
Barbara with Swainson's Hawk
Carolyn w eeo


The birds and people of Native Bird Connections join to offer experiences that go beyond the ordinary. From school programs tailored to the California State Standards to presentations for seniors, scouts and special interest groups, we strive to immerse the audience in an intimate
view of a wild bird's behavior, life choices and needs. Regardless of age, participants find themselves connecting with living beings through empathy and awe, emerging inspired.

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