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Cooper's hawk

Cooper's Hawk male immature

Year Injured: 2009

Added to collection: October 2009

Cooper's Hawks are very active, intense birds in the wild and this youngster is no exception. He was hit by a car in Wyoming and suffered a fracture to his left wing. The wing was surgically repaired but does not extend fully thereby limiting proper flight.

During the rehab process, Susan Ahalt nicknamed him Pin Ball. You get the drift. The bird will
be an important ambassador, as Cooper's Hawks are frequent backyard visitors.

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Ferruginous Hawk Male adult

Year Injured: Fall 2008

Added to collection: Fall 2012

Ferruginous Hawk2

Our ferruginous hawk came from Ogden Utah, where he had been a program animal for 4 years. He had originally been found in a barn as an adult with a blind eye.

We are still getting to know this bird. Ferrugies are very intense, powerful and large buteos, akin to Golden eagles in temperament. It is important for us to earn his trust even though he understands being on the glove. Our goal is create a new partnership with him in which he has equal input and the best recipe for that is time. He already understands that we are different than his last “job” in that we are endeavoring to see his experience through his eyes.

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Red Tail Hawk Tail

Red Tailed Hawk female adult

Year Injured: 2007

Added to collection:December 2009

©George Hartzell 2009

This female Red Tailed is a huge individual, weighing in around 4 pounds, as opposed to our local birds running around 3 pounds. She was injured in Wyoming in the fall of her hatch year (2007) possibly a victim of some kind of impact injury that left her with permanent feather damage.

We acquired her in a "trade" of sorts, as we sent our previous Red Tailed female to Wyoming to be a foster mom for orphaned Red Tails. Our good friend Susan Ahalt (Ironside Bird Rescue) in Cody had this bird to place at the same time, so we gladly gave her a permanent home. She is a magnificent bird, a commanding individual of a commonly seen species.

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Leukistic Red Tailed Hawk
female adult

Year Injured: 2012

Added to collection:
March 2013

Our newest bird, a sensational and unusual white Red tailed hawk, is settling in nicely. She had been permanently injured after being hit by a car in Wyoming. She has done a few programs and is proving to be a steady, tolerant bird. As she gains experience as an educational partner I am confidant that she will show us even more trust.

Her appearance is quite captivating. A naturally occurring genetic mutation is responsible for her pure white feathers. She has a couple of tail feathers with some red and a couple of wing feathers with streaks of color, but the rest are very white. She also has pigment in her eyes, feet, cere (a fleshy ridge above the beak) and around her eyes, therefore she isn’t an albino. It is called leucistic or leukistic from the root word  leuk meaning white or colorless

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Rough Legged Hawk male young adult

Year injured: 2005

Added to collection:December 2005

Red Tailed Hawk
©Douglas Herr - www.wildlifephoto.com

This is our Christmas Roughie. He was injured in Wyoming, hit by a car on the LU Ranch south
of Cody. His wing was badly damaged and had to be partially amputated.

He arrived during the rains of '05 in the height of the Christmas holiday. Although he made it
from Cody to Salt Lake City just fine, his next flight to San Francisco was canceled (which made
us all total wrecks) and he finally made it on the very last flight out of Salt Lake.

The Rough Legged Hawk is a breathtaking animal that has taken on his non-releasable job with dignity, charm and tremendous expertise. For a bird born high in the arctic, to accept a life amongst people is a huge accomplishment and he has our total admiration.
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Swainson's hawk

Swainson's Hawk male adult

Year Injured: 1999

Added to collection:2000

©Douglas Herr - www.wildlifephoto.com

This bird suffered a severing of his right wingtip upon his fledgling flight from his nest in Nevada. He crashed into the antenna of a vehicle belonging to a biologist who was studying the hawks,
as they are a threatened species in California.

The Swainson's is a very personable bird and loves to "discover" where his mice are hidden at feeding time. He is an extremely messy eater however and flings the leftovers everywhere!


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