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American Kestrels, the smallest falcon in North America, is a frequent visitor to our Bay Area landscapes. We have been noticing fewer birds lately in areas that used to support multiple pairs.

Have you noticed Kestrels in your area?


We are partnering with a new organization ... The American Kestrel Partnership. Both NBC and American Kestrel Partnership want your help! You can contribute to kestrel conservation by:

  • Monitoring kestrel nestboxes;
  • Donating to, sponsoring, or promoting the Partnership;
  • Learning about and spreading enthusiasm for the American Kestrel.
  • Sign up on the AKP site to register your nesting box if you have one today!

If you don't have a nesting box, help the American Kestrel by putting up a box. They are cavity nesters generally having one brood a year. Insects comprise 80% of their diet with small birds and mammals making up the other 20%.

We have Kestrel Nesting Boxes, for
a $50.00 donation, one can be yours!

How to identify Kestrels...

  • Kestrels are generally solitary, not flocking
  • Tail bobbing and hovering are diagnostic behaviors that help identify Kestrels
  • Kestrels are usually loyal to a territory and have favorite perches within that territory
Information both AKP and NBC would like to have during your observation if possible:
kestrel male adult
  • Notice male/female differences in order to document pairs, male in the above photo, notice the gray/blue on the wings.
  • Mention if there are nest boxes or cavities associated with your observations
  • Location, time and date of sighting

Send your observations to : kestrels@nativebirds.org

Register your nesting box with The American Kestrel Parthnership and Kestrels@nativebirds.org

Interested in putting a Kestrel nesting box up in your area? We have Kestrel Nesting Boxes, for
a $50.00 donation, one can be yours!

Help out the cavity nesters ...Please contact us to get information on how you can acquire one. Once you get your box, we will add it's location on our Kestrel Nesting Box Map below!





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